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"A bag manufacturer targets to produce for all brands in the world."

This is the goal of Forward Gear (Pvt.) Ltd. November 15th, 2007, Forward Gear started its set up and with adidas as the major customer, the company is moving forward to the goal it set  . 


Forward Gear is the first bag manufacturer in Pakistan for big brands and it is going to change the whole bag manufacturing industry in the world. 


Pakistan is a promising site for the business and the combined experience, knowledge and technology of Pakistan and Korea will make a difference and it will shake the world by quality, on-time delivery, price and innovative/future-oriented bag products.

It will be fun for you to watch how Forward Gear is moving forward and how to achieve its goal day to day, week to week and year to year. 


Again, we appreciate your visit. Thanks!


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Mr. Chris 

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