H.R Policies

It is the policy of Forward Gear (Pvt.) Ltd that HR department would hire the appropriate person as per vacant job specification without any gender discrimination. The entire applicant will be treated according to their qualification and job requirement under consideration of merit base. Moreover HR department will hire the employee by use of all possible means like advertising in newspaper, chamber notice board, factory notice boards, banners on road and also www.rozee.pk website.



Disciplinary Policy:


Forward Gear adheres to the concept of progressive discipline in our effort to ensure a fair method of disciplining employees. Company will attempt to give its employees advance notice of problems with their conduct or performance in order to provide them an opportunity to improve them. Discipline may take the form of a verbal warning, one or more written warnings, and suspension or dismissal. The choice of options depends on the seriousness of the behavior. 



Probation and Confirmation Policy:


It is the policy that an employee shall be on the probation for the period of three months, which may be extended for further three months, depending upon his performance. On successful completion of the probationary period an employee shall become permanent and shall be entitled all legal benefits.



Child Labor Policy:


Forward Gear (Pvt.) Ltd has developed this policy by considering and implementing in the light of ILO conventions 138 & 182 already ratified by Govt. of Pakistan that a child equal or below the age of 15 years of age is not allowed to work inside factory premises or any of its workplaces or manufacturing process at any circumstances.



Social Accountability Policy:


Forward Gear (Pvt.) ltd is committed to create a better working environment for its employees by implementing and sustaining social accountability requirements to provide and ensure their basic rights.


We believe in educating our workers and supplier / contractors on the policies and procedures to maintain the highest ethical standards, conforming to:


Labor Law of Pakistan

Workplace Standard

WFSGI Code of Conduct

SA 8000 requirements

ILO Conventions


The company is confident to declare that through its intention and efforts, it can motive employees, produce better quality soccer & volley balls and create a culture of continuous improvements.